Lead Research. Sales Development.

Erageneration is your customer acquisition team.

A stunning lead generation strategy is essential in modern market conditions if you want to succeed.


Erageneration helps companies to make their sales and customer acquisition efforts more successful. We provide accurate B2B data research and customized email outreach campaigns to get appointments for you.

What Will You Get

Lead Research


Our researchers generate only relevant and accurate leads for you. In erageneration the lead research process is carrying out on the basis of your demands, preferences and needs, so all the leads will be of the highest quality.


Sales Development


erageneration will take care of your sales development campaigns. We will reach out to the prospects and make the appointments for you. Cold emails, subject lines, email mass outreach, direct mailing, follow ups - that's our treat. Your only task is to receive the positive result.


Lead generation

Who Will Generate Leads for You?


The most important thing that all the leads we provide are generated by humans! We don't grab leads from any databases and we don't sell our clients machine generated leads! All our leads are made by humans with the help of special add-ons, software and love, because we love our clients and we will make our best to satisfy all their needs !

Mia, Researcher

Karina, SDR

Hi, my name is Mia :)

I generate leads of the highest quality for you! The only thing that matters is your demands and preferences. The lead generation strategy is absolutely depending on your needs.

Hi, my name is Karina and I keep under the supervision the sales development process. I am in charge of template writing and email outreach campaigns creation. 

I will make everything for you to win the customer acquisition race!

Get Free 30 Leads


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Prices and Plans


Stunning Services = Reasonable Prices

Research Starter



$ 800/month


500 B2B Leads

Research Pro



$ 1250/month


1000 B2B Leads

Sales Starter



$ 2400/month


600 B2B Leads

Sales Pro





1200 B2B Leads


Lead generation

Meet the team




Business Development



Let's Work Together

Erageneration | Kyiv 2018




Drop us a line to meet@erageneration.pro

In case of 100% prepayment you will get 25% discount.

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