Put your prospecting on autopilot with Erageneration!
We are a professional team focused on the b2b lead research that will bring your sales results to another level
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We are a professional team focused on the b2b lead research that will bring your sales results to another level.
How our prospecting services work:
ICP and proof of concept
- we create the Ideal Customer Persona (ICP) or validate the existing one;
- we discuss all the datapoints you need to get on the list (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Title, Corporate Email, GEO, Company Headcount, Annual Revenue, Technologies, etc)
- we discuss the 'black list' of countries/industries/GEOs/companies;
Our prospecting crew starts researching leads for you based on your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). It means that the list with your B2B data will be the best fit for your business and your sales team will be able to start making sales with SQL leads right away.
Data validation
Every week or every two weeks we will validate the data with you and check weather the list of leads provided by Erageneration fits you best.
Erageneration will replace every bounced lead at no additional fees.
How about a pilot run with Erageneration?
Let's talk and see if there is a synergy. We've never taken and we will never take a project without understanding and feeling that we can bring value to the table
Who we are
We work very hard every day to power up sales pipelines of our partners with the most accurate data
3 years
Over 3 years in prospecting for SMBs and enterprise level companies
150 partners
More than 150 partners satisfied
3 M leads
More than 3 M leads provided
23 K opportunities
More than 23 K opportunities created
66 K cups
More than 66 K cups of coffee drank
10 parties
More than 10 parties held
Average Success Rates
A sneak peek on outbound email outreach campaigns based on the leads we've provided:
Open Rate
Delivery Rate
Response Rate:
Bounce Rate
Let's discuss an opportunity
What do you mean by a 'lead'?
By a 'lead' we mean a piece of information about a specific decision-maker at a specific company (e.g. Full Name + Corporate Email Address + Company Name + Title of a Decision-Maker + Linkedin Link of a Decision-Maker + GEO + Annual Revenue of a Company + Monthly Website Traffic = 1 Lead)
Are you GDPR compliant?
Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant. We use only open sources for our lead research activities and we don't violate any laws or rules. All the information sources are open and public
Are you CCPA compliant?
Yes, we are fully CCPA compliant. We don't use any personal and closed data about anyone. All the data is taken only from the fully opened and publicly available sources.
Do you use ready-to-use online lead lists or lead generation automation software?
Absolutely not. Our leads are generated by our lead research managers. All the data is human-crafted, backed with the help of our technology stack. We use specific tools (fully GDPR/CCPA compliant) to validate the data.
Can you also run Outbound Email Outreach campaigns for us?
These services will be available soon.
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